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Why Circos?

Carefree parenthood

Kids grow, but their clothes don’t. Circos is the all-new international clothing subscription service that grows with your kid. Order items you love from a selection of brands, enjoy them while they fit, and swap for a new size or style when the time is right. Circos helps you save money, space, and fabric, while making sure your kids’ wardrobe is always up to date.

Get Started! Get Started!

Conscious parenting

Parents use about 280 pieces of kids clothing in the first 2 years after their child is born. Most of those clothes are only worn for a maximum of 2 or 3 months. As a result, tons of kids clothing end up in landfills. With Circos, multiple families get to benefit from high quality and sustainable clothing, extending the lifetime of the products to their fullest. When a piece of clothing eventually wears out, it is repurposed and made into something new.

, Why Circos?

Save Time

The convenience of an easy wardrobe update, delivered at home or a nearby pick-up point, without the need to go shopping every few months.

Save Space

Save closet and storage space, unless you are planning to save all those baby clothes for your kids’ grandkids 😉

Save Money

Pay only for what you use for how long you use it. Circos is an affordable way to wear premium brands in the right size for the right occasion.

Save Resources

Every month, collectively, our customers literally save thousands of litres of water as well as kilos of CO2 and materials, like cotton.

, Why Circos?
, Why Circos?