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How does it work?

, How does it work?

Its fairly simple!


  1. Wander through our shop and select as many items as you like in the sizes you need by clicking ‘Add to Subscription’.

  2. Click on the Circos-Label or the ‘cart’-icon to visit your Cart. Start checking-out as you are used to.

  3. Create your account by filling in your address and payment details.


It’s simple as that! Your subscription will automatically start on the first day of the coming month.


* Of course the first 5 days are on us, so you never pay for the days your order is on its way. That is why if you subscribe within the last 5 days of the month, you don’t pay any fee at checkout. Should you subscribe between the 1st of the month and 5 days before the end of the month, we’ll charge you a percentage fee for the days remaining until your subscription starts.

, How does it work?
, How does it work?